Message from the Chairman


Artisans have always fascinated me: with their uncommon skill, their proud refusal to compromise on quality, and their single-minded determination to transform ordinary objects into functional pieces of wondrous art.

They were the standard-bearers of quiet luxury and exclusive opulence in an era before the advent of impersonal mass-produced goods, fast food, and even faster living.

With Flagstone, my goal is to bring artisanship back into the relationships we build with our shareholders and partners, and the services we provide to our customers and guests. True artisanship is unique, expensive, and difficult to imitate; these are the qualities that will make us profitable, and unforgettable.

Our attention to the minutiae and symbolism of details is reflected in the choice of Flagstone Red as our primary colour. It captures the essence of our luxury offering: world class hospitality with a traditional, African soul. The Flagstone Red is a vibrant colour that says culture, warmth, richness. It speaks to our rich heritage, and to royalty. Think of coral beads, terracotta sculptures and warm, welcoming embraces. It is the life in our red, fertile soil, and the fire in our majestic sunrises and sunsets.

We have before us an opportunity to be part of something truly special: the creation and ownership of Nigeria’s first truly 5-star luxury hotel brand. Flagstone will be a testament to our refusal to compromise on quality, and it will be a reminder to all that, like the artisans of old, we too were able to achieve greatness simply by insisting on doing ordinary things in extraordinary ways.

Engr. Charles A. Osezua, FNSE, OON
Chairman, Board of Directors

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